Peter Bowle-Evans' Memorial

Peter Bowle-Evans, Master Rated in 2001 - Commented by Fred Wilson

The Master Rating is our sports highest honour for a lifetime of volunteer effort and spirit.

This is the list of acceptable contributions for a HPAC/ACVL master rating with a points range for each item

Fred comments the points awarded to Peter Bowle-Evans

Peter had 589 hours airtime logged & confirmed at the start of 2000.

  1. Service as a director of any provincial or national association. Includes secretaries, representatives to the FAI, HPAC committee chair persons, representatives to provincial or national aviation related associations. 0-9
    BCHPA Zone 1 Regional Director. 1990-3 to 2000
    BCHPA Site Development Officer 1994 - 2000
    HPAC Board of Director 1999 - 2000
    HPAC President 2001
    Peter obtained: 9 Points
  2. Service as director of a local club 0-6
    Golden Site Club, organizer, President. Huge record of accomplishments
    Peter obtained: 6 points
  3. Responsibility for the organisation of a hang gliding competition or responsibility of the meet 0-4
    Organizational team member for innumerable Golden events
    Peter obtained: 4 Points
  4. Responsible assistance in operation of a hang gliding competition. Eg: Launch director, launch assistant, landing director or landing assistant chief scorer or scoring assistant, pylon judge. 0-1
    Peter claims to have kept entirely clear of any participation in this section.
    Stained Glass trophies, Hang Gliding Banners - several meets where he participated as the Safety Role on launch.
    Peter obtained: 1 Point
  5. Editing a local, provincial or national Newsletter. 0-8
    Peter obtained: 0 Points
  6. Tenure as Canadian Correspondent for a foreign hang gliding publication 0-2
    Peter obtained: 0 Points
  7. Contribution of articles on hang gliding for any of the above mentioned publications or for press release. 0-2
    Contributions to almost every AIR and Cloudstreet issue during the past decade. Beautiful BC Magazine.
    TRUCKS!, several other articles on Golden published in the USHGA Hang Gliding and Paragliding, BHPA Skywings, HGFA Skysailer and XC Magazines
    Eagles story in XC Magazine circa Feb 1995
    Peter obtained: 2 Points
  8. Representing Canada in international competitions such as the American Cup or the FAI World Championships.
    Peter obtained: 0 Points
  9. Production of a documentary or fictional film on hang gliding for release on television or in theatres. 0-4
    OLN Network (Lonely Planet episode)
    Arctic Jungle Films
    Peter obtained: 1 Point
  10. Establishing an FAI approved world record in a category pertaining to hang gliding. 0-7
    Peter obtained: 0 Points
  11. Other contributions worthy of consideration, - but point totals awarded will take into consideration the weighting of the above criteria. - Open Points number
    Golden Mt 7 Site Development
    Golden Peaks Development
    Golden Emergency Fund
    Golden Evacuation Equipment and Fund
    BCHPA Site Development Manual
    Application for renaming a mountain to "Willies Peak"
    Willie Muller Monument on Mt 7 Launch
    Radio Antennae for Golden Tourism.
    Mt 7 Site Promotion, including shirts, caps and arranging the logo design for all. - all revenue accrued when to Mt 7 development.
    Produced the Mt 7 Brochure in a number of languages.
    Womens World's bid for Golden did wonders for making the town aware of the economic potential of Hang Glding and Paragliding.
    There are very few individuals who have accomplished so much for the sport, - or who will leave such a legacy behind them.
    Peter obtained: : off the scale Approx. 14 Points

Bonus Points!
First(?) Canadian pilot to have a mid air, throw a chute and walk away from it.
(Yeah Dave- we have not fogotten you! (the other 1/2 of the mid air.)

Note: Applicants must score a minimum of 25 points to be awarded a Master Rating.
Points awarded will take into consideration the contributions of previous recipients of the Master Rating.

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