Peter Bowle-Evans' Memorial

During the memorial event at the GEAR

At the GEAR, the landing zone


Peter was living in Golden since long enough to be called a pioneer. Being involved in so many important projects for the town. Having more to do with everything from his position at the engineering office. Being a fervent skier, adoring the back country. I learned he was actually involved with the start of the Whitetooth ski hill, now the Kicking Horse resort. Of course, I knew he was the motor of improvements of the mount 7 flying site. Which had the side effect of developping downhill mountain biking. All this and his personality made him a major local figure. It showed by the amount of people present at the memorial and the stories they shared. We got to laugh, we got to be touched, we all learned at the other aspects of his life. It's a rather romantic story, really.

Here are some photos of the event. I am adding any contributions. Email

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