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Recognitions taking physical shapes


In recognition of Peter's contributions to the development of Golden, Forestry and the town of Golden both wanted to name a road and a street to his name. Forestry designated the mount 7 forestry road to become "Bowle-Evans" forestry road. The town of Golden could not let things go this way without doing anything. So they decided to name the street leading to Bowle-Evans road, "Bowle-Evans" drive. On 2009 July 10, a small party of dignitaries and friends were invited to briefly commemorate and reminisce about Peter. He was actively involved in the creation of the new road, a significant tourism attraction here. The road openned access to many activities that could at best only be marginal without. The Lookout is a recreation hotspot for hang gliding and paragliding, sightseeing, mountain biking, photography, and more.

This is not all, the HPAC contributes too. Peter will get a memorial bronze plaque affixed on the white rock located at the Lookout. He will accompany Willi and Chris Muller there, not bad company at all.

Peter was involved in more pioneering activities and could get further recognitions. This webpage is likely to grow.

Brenda's speech was well appreciated. She gracefully provided a copy of it:

I would like to say a few words about Peter and his love of Golden.

Peter came to Canada from England when he was 19 years old, to spend a year working & skiing before he went to University. He skied not only at Lake Louise, but also at Whistler in its very first season. He had been hooked on the mountains before coming, but by the end of the year his only dream was to return after his schooling. Return, he did. 1st to Whistler where he met and married me. Then to Golden where we bought property.

In Peter's famous single, focused way, we built our own log home using the Allen Mackey method, the 1st people to do so in this area.

Let's fast forward a few years and you find him helping to get both the WhiteTooth Ski School & the Nancy Green Program off the ground. He absolutely adored the hill. From the 1st day it opened, to closing day, each year he was there: skiing, promoting, and exploring the mountain. This was his 1st love.

Some time in the late 80's he decided to try hang gliding. After one set of lessons from the late Willi Muller, he was instantly hooked and his passion was born. There was no stopping him. Every spare second, and many more that weren't spare, he devoted to learning to fly and make Mount 7 a world class site. In his single, focused absolutely determined way, he set about this task. 1st on the agenda was the road, which at the time was barely a goat trail. He organized and attended countless meetings with Forestry, Town Officials MLA's contractors, fellow hang gliders, as well as anyone and everyone who could partake in his vision. Problems that came up he worked and nawed away until he found solutions. You could not stop him!

In the process of making a world class site, he attended to not only the road, but also the ramps, the logging that had to be done, the contingency plan, the safety boxes, and the washrooms. There was not one part of Mount 7 site that he did not have his guiding hands on. He had t-shirts designed and sold to raise funds, he petitioned and received grants for the site. He did whatever it took to accomplish his goal, and in doing so, put Mount 7 and Golden on the map.

If Peter was here today he would tell you that without all the people who helped, it would not have happened. He would also tell you how much he loved Golden, its people and its beloved mountains. He would stand here humbled by your thoughts and kindness, and he would not be able to tell you how much you meant to him. So for him, I thank you.

I have been asked to mention to you that there will be a bronze plaque commemorating Peter and his work on the mountain. The plaque will be placed on the rock beside his mentor, Willi Muller. The plaque will read:
"In Memory of Peter Bowle-Evans, pilot, whose dreams of flight from Mount 7 built this world-class flying site. Dedicated by Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada"

I can assure you that both Morgan and I are extremely touched by all the people who have made such huge efforts to make sure that Peter will not be forgotten. We thank you.

- Brenda Bowle-Evans

Memorial plaque arrived in Golden

Last week, saturday 2009 Oct 17, Brenda Bowle-Evans held a small ceremony with family after receiving the new memorial plaque dedicated to Peter. It will accompany the ones of Chris and Willi Muller on the big white rock at the Lookout takeoff.

[...]The plaque for Peter is beautiful, in bronze on black background as we had specified. And you remember that because of the large amount of text, we agreed to have this be dedicated by HPAC because we wanted this to be a national recognition.[...]

I spoke with Brenda Bowle-Evans the other night and she told me they had received it and had a little ceremony at her house with her family last Saturday night. They are very very happy with this plaque which is being put up yet this fall before the snow flies.[...]

Again thanks to all. It was a joy to work on this.

Regards, Margit

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